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Mosaics: A Poem

Just because we
re broken doesn’t mean we aren’t beautiful.

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Demons: A Poem

I’ve heard people sing of angels,

of heroes, saints and men…

But what of all the demons

they battle deep within?

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Where They Meet: A Poem

But I look around our world,

and I see our cities’ streets.

And I’m wondering where this God

and this world of ours could meet…

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Burning: A Poem

It’s hard to know how to be there for someone in pain. Being a part of someone’s support system doesn’t mean pulling them out of whatever they are going though, it means sitting in it with them, and not leaving them alone.

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Haunted Houses: A Poem

With Halloween here, I thought I would share some of my reverie, in the form of a poem. When I wrote it, I wasn’t aiming for creepy. When I read it back, I was a little surprised at what I had done.

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