Conspire Con

Virtual Event

A Strategic Planning Conference for Authors

2nd Annual Conspire Con Coming Jan 2024

Sat Jan 20th US EST from 3pm- 7pm

Sun Jan 21st Australia time from 7am-11am

Sun Jan 21st New Zealand time from 9am-1pm

Brandy will help walk you through the steps of analysing your book business, taking an honest look at where you can improve to grow, while also recognising your strengths. Using that analysis she will lead you through setting the RIGHT goals for your book business before strategic brainstorming to develop the strategies to get there.

What You’ll Leave With:

  • An honest awareness of where your business currently is- sans judgement
  • A list of specific (reasonable yet challenging) goals you want to accomplish by the end of 2023
  • A strategy, with actionable steps to actually reach each of your goals.
  • A downloadable workbook designed to help you take a close honest look at your business, and walk you through the steps of developing your game plan.
  • A list of resources that Brandy personally uses.
  • The Master Plan Spreadsheet Template.
  • A community of other authors, cheering you on, and potential for group collaboration on marketing campaigns.
  • The option to join quarterly Ally Rallies for accountability and check in to reassess your strategies and goals throughout 2023.
  • The option to schedule personal one on one quarterly check ins with Brandy to focus solely on your business.

Brandy Ange
Author, and Coach

I’m the author of The Kingdom Come Series, as well as a total business nerd. Actually, my degree is in business! I can geek out over marketing ideas, and SWOT analysis until the proverbial cows come home. I am one of those weirdo authors who might actually enjoy the business side more than writing books (and I LOVE writing books!)

I’m based on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA and would love nothing more than to help you fall in love with the business of selling more books!

What others are saying:

“Conspire was inspiring! The goal-setting strategies outlined in the conference have me ready to tackle my writing in a fresh new way. It was wonderful sharing thoughts and strategies with other indie authors, and cheering each other on in the process. I would definitely recommend Conspire if you’re looking to zero in on your writing and publishing goals!”

2023 Participant
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