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Origin: Koine Greek
Definition: Testimony

At Marturia Publications we believe in the power of story. Your story matters. We can help it matter more by helping you to help others.

All books published by Marturia Publications designate a portion of the royalties from book sales to go to a charity or organization of the author’s choice.

Now, literature not only has the power to change lives but save them. Buy a book, save a life.


Brandy’s Current Project:



The Kingdom Come Series

Ever wonder if there is a God? And, if there is, would Satan be real, too? What about angels? When Achaia’s father disappears, she finds out just how real the spiritual world is. But it’s not like the angels and devils you see on shoulders in cartoons. This war is real, and she’s caught right in the middle of it.

Book one of The Kingdom Come Series, Transgression, is set for release Nov 11, 2017- A portion of the proceeds will go to Rapha House to support the protection and recovery of rescued human trafficking victims.

Buy Transgression now on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Brandy’s Next Project:

The Sect Series:

Elisabeth’s sister Elise was the victim of a horrific murder. After a summer of mourning, it is time for Elisabeth to face her friends and her school again. But when the cult that sacrificed her sister is suspected to be behind the disappearances of some of her classmates, Elisabeth knows there’s no going back to normal. As Elisabeth is pulled into the fold, she discovers that her sister was no random target, and her family has secrets darker than anything she ever imagined.

Book one of The Sect Series is planned for release after The Kingdom Come Series. Charity support TBD.


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