A Harry Potter Update on Transgression: May

Hello all!

Life has been crazy busy for me, not sure what your spring has looked like, but mine has been a killer!

I finished up treatment in the hospital for my anemia. (I have to get infusions of iron because my body doesn’t absorb it). My best friend Ashley got married and I was her MOH, so I had a lot of fun with making paper flower bouquets (think twice before volunteering to make hundreds of paper flowers, holy-time-consuming-Batman!) and spending the weekend with the girls.

But I am happy to announce that my time is going to officially be my own again! Which means, I’ve been cleaning my room so I have my desk back (craft stuff took over everywhere!!! Its like a Hobby Lobby exploded in my room!). And as soon as I can think in my space again, I will be hard at work!

giphy (14)

I am trying to refocus my brain and get it geared back on book stuff. So if you see me in person and ask about the book and you see a look of self loathing pass like a shadow over my face my eyes glaze over, please excuse me, and know that I am trying to get it out as fast as I can!

giphy (13)


I was actually pleased to find out that once we reformatted the inside of the book it was shorter than I thought it was going to be. So after months of taking out scenes, and cutting back, I actually get to go back and put a lot of those deleted scenes back in! I am also excited to have gotten some feedback on the likability of one of my characters that readers wanted to hear more from, so I will also be going back to put a little more in for them!

In addition to those interior corrections and modifications, the cover needs some finishing up, I’m still not soled on the synopsis for the back of the book. Who knew that the summary would be the most difficult part of writing a book!? I didn’t!

After all of that I will be looking at the budget and figuring out who to print with.

Then we wait.

Once I get an ETA from the printer I can announce an official release date! I will then reschedule the book launch party, and for those of you near enough to attend, request that you put it on your calendars!

giphy (16)

This has been quite a roller coaster experience, this book publishing… No matter how well I tried to plan, life just had/has a way of happening anyway. If everything else could just stop for a week or two, I’d be set! giphy (1)

However, the wheels are back in motion, and rest assured, I am back at work, ready and rearing to go! Transgression will be on your shelf in no time!

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