Preparing your book for self-publishing

There’s no doubt about it. As a newbie, self-publishing is just straight up duanting. There’s so much to do, and you just don’t know what you don’t know! There are so many little tasks and big ones, and you might not know what order to tackle them in your first go around. That is why I decided to make this week’s video, for the me I was four years ago. I wish this video and this checklist (that’s right, I made you a checklist so you can feel super accomplished) existed when I was coming at this for the first time.

Even if you’re not a first time self published author, but you feel like you have a less methodical approach that could use a little polish, then this video might help you hone in on your areas of weakness to you can take your publishing game to the next level.

In any case this video shares a lot of resources, including my free self-publishing checklist. Click “watch on YouTube” and check out the description box for all the links!


Kingdom Come Christmas giveaway 2020

2020 has been a hard year for most of us. I don’t need to tell you anxiety has been high, and troubles have been great. As a way to spread a little joy I have decided to host my biggest giveaway yet, valued at over $50!

This is a fun way for me to share a little Christmas spirit, which I admit, has been hard for me to scrounge up this year. I love to give gifts, and spread joy and make others smile. I also have found my own sort of solace in reading more this year than ever before, and I know the comfort that can be found in a good book.

For these reasons and many more I have decided to not only give away a personalized signed copy of Transgression, but the gift will also come with a Christmas card to you, from me, as well as some gifts from my favourite Nephilim friends! A Safe House candle as warm as Noland’s smile, by Frostbeard Studios, some awesome merch from Achaia’s favourite hang out spot in Brooklyn NY, a little something handmade by Yellaina, and a token from Rapha International to remind us all what it is really about.

Entering is easy, just click here to sign up!

Conspire Con 2023

Authors, I have a few questions for you. If you were the CEO of a book corporation, would you deserve to be fired? Would you hire you? What would your yearly review look like? What feedback would you get on what you could do better in the year ahead?

Over the last few years, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of conversations with authors that have lead me to believe that our main struggle isn’t writing the next book but knowing what to do with the business side of our journeys. From growing our platforms, to marketing, and book signing events, it can be difficult to feel like we are keeping our heads above water let alone growing and thriving.

Being an author can also be isolating. I’ve heard many authors talk like they believe they are the only ones figuring it out as they go, while they feel like everyone else is killing it, selling tons of books, and know exactly what they are doing.

I’d like to see this stop.

Conspire Con was dreamt up out of a desire to bring authors together to be less alone in the business side of the hustle. If we worked at a big corporation, each marketing campaign would have a committee of people behind it. There would be an overflow of idea sharing, and constructive feedback. We wouldn’t be throwing marketing dollars into the wind, hoping they make their way back to us… We would have a wider reach, and a polished campaign because a team of people worked to cover all the bases. I thought, why can’t we give ourselves a break and create that kind of community for ourselves? We can.

Conspire Con is for any author looking to grow their author business. Weather you are just starting out, or feel like you’ve plateaued, or feel like you’re drowning, we’ve got you. Conspire is a one afternoon virtual event where we will begin by taking an honest look at the business side of what we are doing, before diving into setting the RIGHT goals, and developing the strategies to make them happen, together!

If you want to stop feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels without picking up traction, then join us Jan 21 to develop your game plan to crush 2023, together!

If one afternoon doesn’t seem like enough, don’t worry! We will be hosting optional quarterly Ally Rallies to check in and assess what is working, what isn’t, and what needs tweaking (hint, it isn’t always the strategy that needs to change! Sometimes it is the tactics, or even the goal itself!). You can sign up for the Group Ally Rallies when you register at a discounted price! You can always sign up later if you decide to join last minute. Or you can even sign up for one on one coaching every quarter for dedicated attention to your business.

If you’re looking to sell more books, make more profit, and feel confident that you are taking the best steps to grow your personal book business, register for Conspire Con today!

Kingdom Come Series on Spotify!

I have a spotify playlist for each book as well as most of the characters! If you want to steep yourself in the world as you read, or just want to feel like your chill’n with your fav character, then check out the playlists below! I continue to add songs as I find new ones I love that fit each list. You can always turn me on to new tunes too! If there are songs you’ve attached to the series, I’d love to know! Who knows, maybe they will even make it onto a list! Always feel free to email me through my contact page!

Spotify Playlists

Transgression 5th Anniversary Party!

In honor of 5 years of the Kingdom Come Series, I am throwing an anniversary party for Transgression!

The party will be a formal affair including a sit down dinner with me, featuring all of Achaia’s favorite foods from the books. We will also have a desert bar serving Farmacy floats and milk shakes in souvenir glasses that guests will get to take home. Guests will also leave with a high quality Character Portrait print of their choice featuring gold foil embellishments.

There will be a silent auction throughout the event of some one of a kind collectors items, including art, signed pieces, and merch. In addition there will be a raffle basket up for grabs. The night will also include a live reading of the never before heard original ending of Transgression from its original rough draft- much different from the ending published in the final draft of the book.

The party will be invitation only- however you can request an invite through the contact page, or through DM on social media- however space is limited and not everyone will be able to receive an invite.

Virtual Passes are available to the public, and will include entry into the raffle, a character portrait print of your choosing, as well as the souvenir glass. You will also receive bonus content, including that original ending emailed direct to your inbox! Virtual passes are for sale now.

Transgression 5th Anniversary Hardcovers

I can’t believe it has been 5 years since I took my first plunge into publishing. 5 years of mistakes, and learning, and growth, and discovery. 5 years of meeting some of the greatest readers an author could ask for. 5 years of finding typos in my books, and thinking of new things I wish I had included…

I am excited to announce that I am releasing a 5th Anniversary Hardcover Edition of Transgression to celebrate 5 years in publishing. These hardcover editions will include wonderful artwork, including character portraits by Wingspan and a map of Hell by Phil Thomas, as well as a special edition hardcover dust jacket and hidden cover.

For those who pre-order the Special Limited Edition of these hardcovers will be printed in full color and will have sprayed edges. The special limited edition pre-orders will only be available over on The Kingdom Come Store. All the copies that will be for sale at retailers after release day will be printed in black and white, and will not have sprayed edges.

Pre-orders are available now!

Holiday Signing Events 2021

I have a number of book signings scheduled for those of you looking to do some Christmas shopping, for yourselves or someone else. I am also working on setting up an ETSY shop for those of you who live too far away to make it to my events on the East Coast! So stay tuned for more on that in the coming month or so.

In the meantime, here is what the schedule is looking like:

Fri Nov 26th Book Warehouse Nags Head NC 11am-3pm

Sat Nov 27th Dowdy Park Farmer’s Market Nags Head NC 9am-12pm

Sat Nov 27th Island Bookstore Duck NC 2-5pm

Thurs Dec 2nd Dowdy Park Farmer’s Market Nags Head NC 4-7pm

Sat Dec 11th Dowdy Park Farmer’s Market Nags Head NC 9am-12pm

Sat Dec 18th Page After Page Bookstore Elizabeth City NC 10am-3pm

Penance Receives a Positive Review from Kirkus!

I am so excited that Penance followed in Transgression’s footsteps in recieving a positive review from Kirkus! Check it out below!


From the The Kingdom Come Series series , Vol. 2


A teenager who’s half angel becomes Lucifer’s prey in this YA fantasy sequel.

Seventeen-year-old Achaia Cohen’s father, Shael, is a legendary Nephilim fighter who won the right to raise his daughter after her human mother died in Transgression (2017). A group of powerful Nephilim disguised as human teenagers, including Emile, Olivier, Amelia, Yellaina, and Noland, help to protect Achaia as she lives her life in New York City. Typically, Nephilim who are “soul mates” unquestioningly bond, but because Achaia is half mortal, she’s free to turn Noland, her doting bodyguard, away. One night, the pair walk the city at night hoping to untangle their unusual relationship, and demons attack them, delivering a warning to Achaia that Lucifer “is coming for you.” Later, the Nephilim Council of Elders summons the teen protectors to Rome for interviews regarding their previous adventure. Strangely, Achaia and Shael aren’t invited. One morning when Achaia’s alone, she’s abducted by Lucifer’s henchmen and wakes up in a frozen prison, where Lucifer, nicknamed “Luc,” reveals his memories as part of a plan to seduce her. Meanwhile, the Council disbands Achaia’s group of protectors, sending them to Chile and France, making a concerted hunt for Achaia seemingly impossible. Ange’s taut, well-paced sequel ratchets up the personal stakes for its main character but also pushes the planet toward annihilation; later, the United States and China begin waging what may be the war to end all wars. Early on, however, Achaia and Noland have adorably awkward moments together that will make readers invested in their potential future together. Ange effectively tilts the story toward darkness during the scene of Achaia’s savage abduction in her kitchen, with a fight that employs a frying pan and hot cooking oil as weapons. Vibrant new characters appear, such as Jude, Luc’s sympathetic son; and Veronica, a weapon-smith. Other characters perish, sharpening the novel’s grim spiritual message: “Achaia realized just how muddy grey could be, and that things were never really black and white.”

A spiritual YA adventure that emphasizes finding the light during dark times.

You’re Invited to the Penance Pre-Pub Party

Hey guys! I am so excited for July. I have so many awesome shenanigans planned, and I hope you will join me! The Penance Pre-Pub Party is a social media extravaganza like you’ve never seen before! We are going to be partying hard this whole month leading up to the Penance Release on August 6th!

For all the details on all the fun, you can check out the Party Itinerary. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

There’s going to be SEVERAL opportunities to win free stuff (some of them with a 100% chance of winning!!!!!)

To list a few:

Kingdom Come Series Bingo (100% chance of winning free stuff, all you have to do is play- see Bingo link for details on prizes and how to win).

Kingdom Come Series Cosplay Challenge – Haven’t read the books? No Problem, cosplay your fav comic book character for a chance to win the first two books in the KCS! (See Cosplay link for details on how to enter, and prizes)

The Rapha Giveaway– The Kingdom Come Series donates a portion of all their proceeds to Rapha Intl who help victims, and fight Human Trafficking. To send more support and love their way, anyone who donates to Rapha in July can enter to win signed copies of both Transgression and Penance. If you’ve not read the series yet, this would be a great way to start!

Kingdom Come Series Merch Giveaway- Wear your Penance Release Day t-shirt on Aug 6th and post a picture on social media showing your excitement and support to enter to win one of everything our merch supplies have to offer!

The best part is, you don’t have to have read the books to participate in any of the fun! Join us, we’re a fun crowd!!!!

Some other fun things I’m doing this month include an Author Q & A, where you can ask me any and all of your questions about the books, writing, publishing, or life on Instagram or Twitter, and I’ll answer them throughout the month of July!


Promoting Your Book for Launch

There’s a lot that goes into having a successful book launch. You want to have an audience that is waiting and eager to buy your book. That means you need to build an audience. How do you do that?

Give them a reason to show up! Brainstorm some fun ideas that will result in audience engagement, growth, and the spread of word of mouth. They need something to talk about!

In this weeks video, we talk about ideas, and I share resources (in the description box) for developing your promo calendar and launch plan!

Check it out!

Penance Release Day T-shirts!

I would like to start out by congratulating the design contest winner, Katie B! She came up with this beautiful design, and I couldn’t be more excited to announce these shirts!

I am so excited to finally share Penance with you all, and to celebrate the release we decided to make some t-shirts designed by one of your own!

You can order your shirt now through July 16th. If you post a picture wearing it on August 6th with #PenanceReleaseDay, you’ll be entered to win a Kingdom Come Series merch bundle. We have some awesome merch coming out too, so you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to win ONE OF EVERYTHING!!!!

You can order your shirt in a variety of cuts, colors, and sizes here.

Penance Release Day Shirts!, a Black Premium Unisex Tee