Exciting Update and a Huge Life-Change

Greetings! I am so excited about today’s update. I have been waiting my entire life to write this post… or at the very least, since second grade. I am so excited to announce that I HAVE QUIT MY DAY JOB AND AM OFFICIALLY A FULL TIME AUTHOR! Sorry Just wanted to scream it from the mountain tops!

If you’re wondering “what now?”, then me too…

Just kidding. I have grand plans! I will be releasing Penance this year (release date TBD but coming!), as well as working on my first non-fiction book (more on that at a later date). I will also be starting a youtube channel to post videos on reading, writing, and self-publishing for readers and writers alike. So all my bookish friends, you are most welcome to head on over and subscribe to my channel, so when I start posting videos, you’ll be the first to know!

I have also revamped my patreon page, so if you want to support me on this writing journey, and subscribing for fun extras and some really awesome perks is the way you want to do that, then I would be humbled to receive your patronage. I am hopeful that this will be a fun way for you all to interact with the series, and fill those lonely months between book releases (notice I said months, not years!) I’ve got some really awesome plans for my patrons, so if you really consider yourself a fan of the series, then you owe it to yourself to at least go and read about the tiers and the cool things each tier will receive access to!

I have rebranded, to make all my platforms easy to spot. But to make it super easy for any of you wanting to follow my progress and this journey of quitting my job to write full time, I’ll make it easy on you. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, which will be the places I’m most likely to show up. My posts from those platforms might post to facebook as well, but to be honest I kind of hate facebook, so I never get on there. I’ll try to post the important stuff on The Kingdom Come Series page though, if there’s something you all need to know.

Lastly a huge thank you for sticking with me!

I’m sorry to have been MIA on social media the last few years. But you can all rest assured that I am here to stay. I will be more present and the books are plenty, and on the way! Those of you who have stuck with me, and have been waiting so patiently (or not) for Penance, I thank you from the bottom of my nerdy heart! Great things are ahead for all of us. Thanks for being my bookish family! I love you all! Now, its full steam ahead!

Kingdom Come Christmas giveaway 2020

2020 has been a hard year for most of us. I don’t need to tell you anxiety has been high, and troubles have been great. As a way to spread a little joy I have decided to host my biggest giveaway yet, valued at over $50!

This is a fun way for me to share a little Christmas spirit, which I admit, has been hard for me to scrounge up this year. I love to give gifts, and spread joy and make others smile. I also have found my own sort of solace in reading more this year than ever before, and I know the comfort that can be found in a good book.

For these reasons and many more I have decided to not only give away a personalized signed copy of Transgression, but the gift will also come with a Christmas card to you, from me, as well as some gifts from my favourite Nephilim friends! A Safe House candle as warm as Noland’s smile, by Frostbeard Studios, some awesome merch from Achaia’s favourite hang out spot in Brooklyn NY, a little something handmade by Yellaina, and a token from Rapha International to remind us all what it is really about.

Entering is easy, just click here to sign up!

Kingdom Come Series, and Health Update from Quarantine 2020

First I must apologize for the extended period of silence. As a reader I get frustrated when my favorite authors just disappear, not that I am presuming to be anyone’s favorite author! I don’t know exactly what started my not-so-slow, but incredibly steady distancing from social media. I think I just got burnt out. It’s the only thing I can really think to excuse myself. At any rate, I plan on rejoining humanity on social media, but it will be gradual, and I will probably not be posting like I was before, since it lead to an all or nothing type reaction on my side. I would rather be consistent and present, so I will start slow and see what balance works for me.

Though I haven’t been posting as many updates, or posting really anything on social media, I have actually been working pretty hard. So here are the things that have happened in my social media absence; some good, some not so great.


For those of you still waiting for hardcovers, I am so sorry for the wait. I am working on fixing a lot of the errors in the paperback for interior formatting, and my cover designer is working on creating the dust jackets. I hope to have these out to you really soon!

I have decided to switch printers and have pulled the paperbacks out of print. This decision was made because I decided that print on demand would suit my needs better than printing in bulk and then paying monthly for warehousing and distribution while waiting months for bookstores to pay their bills.  I will be switching to Ingram to cut out the middle man, since ingram is usually the wholesaler most bookstores stock from. Print on demand will give me less to stress and worry about. So, I am convinced this will help me to focus on writing, and stop stressing logistics.

That being said, in the meantime, I have stock, and Transgression is still available through my website.

I am also still in talks about recording Transgression as an audio book. So stay tuned for updates on that front.


Penance is really coming along. You may have read elsewhere that when I finished Transgression I had already written an entire rough draft of Penance and started the third book when I decided to go back and publish Transgression. That was true. However, I had done so much rewriting in Transgression that the rough draft for Penance was essentially unusable. I have salvaged a few scenes here or there, but in the end it ended up being easier to just start from scratch and add in scenes that happened to still work as I wrote. As soon as I am done with this post, I will be spending the rest of the day writing. Some days I have actually beaten personal word count records, and written over 8,000 words by lunch time. Other days I have sat, staring at my screen, the mounting frustration threatening my inner peace down to the deepest depths of my soul (which, I assure you, is an exaggeration).

I am nearly done with the rough draft and am really looking forward to the rewrites and editing phase. In short, I am really hoping to release the book this fall. It’s coming up fast, so I really do need to get back to work, now that I have officially announced it. But before I go, for those of you wondering:


I am an open book, and have tried to be as transparent as possible regarding my health struggles, as they have affected the time I have been able to work on my books, and in short are the main reason it has taken me so long to write Penance. So as of the last update, I believe we left off with I was diagnosed with Celiac disease, and my Hematologist seemed hopeful that a gluten free diet would eventually give my body a chance to heal, and begin absorbing nutrients again. However after two years of eating gluten free, I was still needing three rounds of iron infusions every six months. During one treatment I actually went into anaphylactic shock and was admitted to the ER.

Recently I was finally referred to a Gastroenterologist up in Virginia, who also referred me to a Cardiologist, and a Nutritionist. So needless to say, there has been a lot of travel, a lot of procedures, and a lot of followup appointments, which has been very time consuming, extremely expensive, and maybe a little stressful.

At this moment, I still don’t know why my body isn’t absorbing nutrients the way it should, and the Gastroenterologist says that he doesn’t think my Celiac disease is the problem, it’s just a problem. I have a zoom appointment to discuss the findings of my last procedure on the 28th, where hopefully he will have gained some more insight. In the meantime, the cardiologist says I am dehydrated and that is the cause of some of my dizzy spells and lightheadedness and to eat more salt and drink more gatorade. While at the same time, my nutritionist says to eat less salt, and eat more vitamin C with my iron and to stay away from calcium in those meals, and to eat more fruits and veggies but not bananas or apples…. My brain is overwhelmed with contradicting advice, and a never ending list of to dos.

All of that being said, I am extremely grateful to have some answers, to have a curious doctor who is interested in moving forward, looking deeper, and finding answers.

For now, all I can do is keep taking one step, one day at a time, and enjoy the journey. That includes trying to push through the stress and anxiety to focus on my passion projects and continue writing my books.

Hope to see you guys soon! I will probably start my reentry to society with IG and Twitter. Facebook stresses me out right now lol. I will add snapchat back eventually, but not yet. And sorry, not sorry, I will never get on tik tok. haha. But they say to never say never… so I might eat that later. 😉

Transgression Included in NC Authors Anthology by Z Publishing!

Z Publishing has put together an anthology of fiction by NC writers. If you’re interested in being introduced to new authors without having to buy their whole book, you can purchase the anthology and get a sample of several authors for the cost of trying one!

Transgression was selected to be a part of this collection, and can be found in the back as the last featured story. To support keeping literature alive, and these up and coming authors, you can purchase your copy of the anthology here. Pre-orders are available now, but the book is coming soon!



Marturia Publications has Gone LIVE!!!

Hey guys! I am so thrilled to announce that Marturia Publications has gone live! We have gone from a quiet little under the radar company that helped authors on the side, to one ready to dive into helping authors achieve their dreams of self publishing! If you are a writer working on a project, or know someone else who is, go check out our website today!

Transgression Book Signing In Knoxville, TN June 30th!

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The Kingdom Come Series Podcast: Season One, Transgression, Coming Soon!

I am really excited about airing a book club style podcast with Transgression. Featuring great conversation between the author, Brandy Ange and librarian (and fellow writer), Mollee Holloman. But what all can you expect from such a podcast? Let me tell you!Continue reading “The Kingdom Come Series Podcast: Season One, Transgression, Coming Soon!”

Marturia Publications Launch: Coming Soon!

I’ve been talking about the launch of Marturia Publications for months now, and I have some exciting news! Marturia will be launching in June! We will be launching the website, and in business to help self publishing authors get their books ready for publication! Continue reading “Marturia Publications Launch: Coming Soon!”