Conspire Con 2023

Authors, I have a few questions for you. If you were the CEO of a book corporation, would you deserve to be fired? Would you hire you? What would your yearly review look like? What feedback would you get on what you could do better in the year ahead?

Over the last few years, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of conversations with authors that have lead me to believe that our main struggle isn’t writing the next book but knowing what to do with the business side of our journeys. From growing our platforms, to marketing, and book signing events, it can be difficult to feel like we are keeping our heads above water let alone growing and thriving.

Being an author can also be isolating. I’ve heard many authors talk like they believe they are the only ones figuring it out as they go, while they feel like everyone else is killing it, selling tons of books, and know exactly what they are doing.

I’d like to see this stop.

Conspire Con was dreamt up out of a desire to bring authors together to be less alone in the business side of the hustle. If we worked at a big corporation, each marketing campaign would have a committee of people behind it. There would be an overflow of idea sharing, and constructive feedback. We wouldn’t be throwing marketing dollars into the wind, hoping they make their way back to us… We would have a wider reach, and a polished campaign because a team of people worked to cover all the bases. I thought, why can’t we give ourselves a break and create that kind of community for ourselves? We can.

Conspire Con is for any author looking to grow their author business. Weather you are just starting out, or feel like you’ve plateaued, or feel like you’re drowning, we’ve got you. Conspire is a one afternoon virtual event where we will begin by taking an honest look at the business side of what we are doing, before diving into setting the RIGHT goals, and developing the strategies to make them happen, together!

If you want to stop feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels without picking up traction, then join us Jan 21 to develop your game plan to crush 2023, together!

If one afternoon doesn’t seem like enough, don’t worry! We will be hosting optional quarterly Ally Rallies to check in and assess what is working, what isn’t, and what needs tweaking (hint, it isn’t always the strategy that needs to change! Sometimes it is the tactics, or even the goal itself!). You can sign up for the Group Ally Rallies when you register at a discounted price! You can always sign up later if you decide to join last minute. Or you can even sign up for one on one coaching every quarter for dedicated attention to your business.

If you’re looking to sell more books, make more profit, and feel confident that you are taking the best steps to grow your personal book business, register for Conspire Con today!

Published by brandy ange

I am an author, a reader, a craftsman, and a fitness enthusiast. I write about all of my passions, and love to share my experiences with friends and strangers alike! Stay tuned to read more about what I'm writing, and what this crazy self publishing endeavor looks like. I post new content on Tuesdays, and will alternate between my passions. Thanks for joining in this adventure called life with me! God Bless!

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