For centuries since The Fall, Shael has carried the stigma of being responsible for the disgrace of the Nephilim. When he disappears, that burden falls on his daughter, Achaia, who he kept ignorant of the spiritual world, to keep her safe. Now, not only does Achaia have to come to grips with a whole new reality that rips her mundane world apart, but she also has to determine where she can place her trust. In the spiritual world it is choose or be chosen, but allegiance must be pledged. When it’s not just her life on the line, but her father’s as well, Achaia’s options are less than ideal. Forced to choose between angels who want nothing to do with her, and demons who want too much, it’s tempting to just let fate decide..

“A dark and inviting supernatural thriller.” – Kirkus


Achaia takes after her father when it comes to having an innate proclivity for making enemies. After laying a foundation of mutual distrust with the council of elders, the Nephilim are warier than ever of Achaia “the abomination” and her father Shael “the traitor.” But the council has their own secrets- and they are becoming harder to keep buried. Luc is outraged after Shael “cheated” him on their deal. Now he is out for blood. But it’s not just Shael’s blood he’s after.

In this second installment to The Kingdom Come Series, Achaia and her friends have to determine once and for all where their loyalties lie. But when angels begin to look just as nefarious as demons, that decision is harder than ever to make. 

Penance is the sequel to Transgression in The Kingdom Come Series. 

“A spiritual YA adventure that emphasizes finding the light during dark times.” -Kirkus


The world is at war.

Panic and distrust are dissolving the world into smoke and rubble. As if the conflicts of men weren’t destructive enough, their guardian angels, the Nephilim, are simultaneously straining to defend humanity from a spiritual onslaught of demons.

The Nephilim Council is perilously divided as its secrets continue to spill into the light, leaving the world more vulnerable than ever.

Lucifer, driven mad by despair and desperation, is reckless in his pursuit of Achaia, his last link to his beloved friend. Willing to shake the very foundations of the earth for access to her power, he will stop at nothing to claim her for his own.

When the darkest secret of all is revealed, shock and fear ripple through the Remnant. The faithful Nephilim scramble to unite as they struggle to fight a war on two fronts: not only against demons, but within their own race as well.

In this continuation of The Kingdom Come Series the stakes are higher than ever. Achaia must determine if she is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and suffer the consequences if she should wake a sleeping dragon.

Abolition is the third installment in The Kingdom Come Series. 

Check out what some of the 5 Star reviews from Amazon have to say!​

“I loved this book! It is beautifully written, with a well-thought-out plot. I would say it is now in the top 5 of my favorite books, and I will be recommending it to my friends. Cannot wait to read the next one!” -Matt

“I really enjoyed this book. I found myself laughing with and relating to the characters. If you enjoy books with a supernatural setting, this is for you. I can’t wait for the next one.” – Brit

​”A great read! It took me a while to finish but not because it wasn’t engaging. I didn’t want it to end and was trying to make it last! The storyline is action-packed and moves smoothly making this book hard to put down. It has excellent visual imagery so it unfolded like a movie in my head. I was most impressed by the character development. I feel like I really got to know each and every character. With so many lead characters this is difficult to pull off but Ms. Ange has accomplished it masterfully. I have already passed my copy along to a friend and am very much looking forward to reading the next book in this series!” – Shea

​”If you are interested in fantasy and mythology then this book is already on your radar. Since it’s a YA book it is an easy read with comic relief and light-hearted banter that is sprinkled throughout the book. This is an epic running start into the Kingdom Come-Verse. Transgressions introduces you to all of the characters as you see how their individual personalities unfold to come together to help each other for a common cause.
Although this is a traditionally Christian religious-based adventure I did not find it “preachy” or condescending at all. There is a heavy mythological back story that forces you to look beyond what you knew about the religion as you embrace this new hiarchy of the angels along with the Dante’s Inferno inspired spiraling depths of hell.
The author goes into great discription and detail when it comes to every character and the worlds they visit. This is a truly inspired read and I appreciated every nerdy reference to comic books and Harry Potter, which stitched together this ancient plot line into the present-time like a well tailored garment.
I highly recommend this book to all ages!” – Beth

​”I’ve been following Brandy’s instagram and Twitter posts leading up to the publication of Transgression and was more than pleased to find that the adventure, humor and romance in this novel far surpasses the hype I built up for it. Transgression is a match for readers of Cassandra Clare and Rick Riodan, but the author’s voice is authentic and unique, as well as this well-crafted story. Usually I race through books that have me engrossed like this one did, but I ended up slowing down to savor it instead. Cannot wait for book #2 in the Kingdom Come series.” – Mollee

​”Woah. Transgression grabs your attention within the first couple pages and doesn’t let go until page 411 (that’s the last page if you’re wondering)! How long does it take for amazing books to be picked up for a movie?! Because I NEED this to happen! I am so excited to watch these characters develop even more in book 2. So many secrets and stories left to tell. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!” – Katie

Coming Soon in Fiction

Brandy is working on more books in the world of The Kingdom Come Series!


The final installment of The Kingdom Come Series is expected in 2023

Coming Soon in Non-Fiction

Brandy is a recovering workaholic (a term she doesn’t use lightly), writing books to help others improve their work-life-balance, and to live more intentionally-full lives.

The Harvest Cycle of Rest (working title)

Rest is not a one-and-done task you can mark off your to do list and keep going. Rest is one part of a cycle. Work. Rest. Play. Rest. Work. Rest… When we forget to circle back around to rest, we wear out our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls. Rest is also something many people do wrong.

If you often find yourself stressed out, short tempered, tired, or frazzled, there is a REALLY good chance that you are not resting properly. There are many different types of rest, and we need to make sure we are doing the right type for our kind of exhaustion. In her Harvest Cycle of Rest series, Brandy will be researching, experimenting, and divulging the different types of rest we need, and explain how we can make sure we reap the most benefit.

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