Kingdom Come Series on Spotify!

I have a spotify playlist for each book as well as most of the characters! If you want to steep yourself in the world as you read, or just want to feel like your chill’n with your fav character, then check out the playlists below! I continue to add songs as I find new ones I love that fit each list. You can always turn me on to new tunes too! If there are songs you’ve attached to the series, I’d love to know! Who knows, maybe they will even make it onto a list! Always feel free to email me through my contact page!

Spotify Playlists

Published by brandy ange

I am an author, a reader, a craftsman, and a fitness enthusiast. I write about all of my passions, and love to share my experiences with friends and strangers alike! Stay tuned to read more about what I'm writing, and what this crazy self publishing endeavor looks like. I post new content on Tuesdays, and will alternate between my passions. Thanks for joining in this adventure called life with me! God Bless!

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