Marturia Publications Launch: Coming Soon!

I’ve been talking about the launch of Marturia Publications for months now, and I have some exciting news! Marturia will be launching in June! We will be launching the website, and in business to help self publishing authors get their books ready for publication! Continue reading “Marturia Publications Launch: Coming Soon!”

3 Podcasts Every Self Publishing Author Should Be Listening To.

Self publishing is a business, and your book is your product. You are a business owner. Go ahead, take a minute, and wrap your mind around that. Okay, now, lets talk business!

Continue reading “3 Podcasts Every Self Publishing Author Should Be Listening To.”

The 3 Rules of Social Media Marketing for Authors

If you’re a self-promoting author, then social media marketing is the one practice that can make or break your career. It doesn’t matter if your book is the greatest thing since Mobey Dick if people don’t know it exists or why they should buy it. Continue reading “The 3 Rules of Social Media Marketing for Authors”

The Mystery of the Spirit.

As children, the unseen was tangible to us. Our imaginations were so active, our minds were pried open to possibility, and faith was easy. We had imaginary friends we could see, touch, and talk to. We were constantly wrapped up in possibility rather than focused on what we could merely see right in front of us. It is as if, as children, we innately understood there was more going on than what met the eye.Continue reading “The Mystery of the Spirit.”