Preparing your book for self-publishing

There’s no doubt about it. As a newbie, self-publishing is just straight up duanting. There’s so much to do, and you just don’t know what you don’t know! There are so many little tasks and big ones, and you might not know what order to tackle them in your first go around. That is why I decided to make this week’s video, for the me I was four years ago. I wish this video and this checklist (that’s right, I made you a checklist so you can feel super accomplished) existed when I was coming at this for the first time.

Even if you’re not a first time self published author, but you feel like you have a less methodical approach that could use a little polish, then this video might help you hone in on your areas of weakness to you can take your publishing game to the next level.

In any case this video shares a lot of resources, including my free self-publishing checklist. Click “watch on YouTube” and check out the description box for all the links!

Published by brandy ange

I am an author, a reader, a craftsman, and a fitness enthusiast. I write about all of my passions, and love to share my experiences with friends and strangers alike! Stay tuned to read more about what I'm writing, and what this crazy self publishing endeavor looks like. I post new content on Tuesdays, and will alternate between my passions. Thanks for joining in this adventure called life with me! God Bless!

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