Penance Receives a Positive Review from Kirkus!

I am so excited that Penance followed in Transgression’s footsteps in recieving a positive review from Kirkus! Check it out below!


From the The Kingdom Come Series series , Vol. 2


A teenager who’s half angel becomes Lucifer’s prey in this YA fantasy sequel.

Seventeen-year-old Achaia Cohen’s father, Shael, is a legendary Nephilim fighter who won the right to raise his daughter after her human mother died in Transgression (2017). A group of powerful Nephilim disguised as human teenagers, including Emile, Olivier, Amelia, Yellaina, and Noland, help to protect Achaia as she lives her life in New York City. Typically, Nephilim who are “soul mates” unquestioningly bond, but because Achaia is half mortal, she’s free to turn Noland, her doting bodyguard, away. One night, the pair walk the city at night hoping to untangle their unusual relationship, and demons attack them, delivering a warning to Achaia that Lucifer “is coming for you.” Later, the Nephilim Council of Elders summons the teen protectors to Rome for interviews regarding their previous adventure. Strangely, Achaia and Shael aren’t invited. One morning when Achaia’s alone, she’s abducted by Lucifer’s henchmen and wakes up in a frozen prison, where Lucifer, nicknamed “Luc,” reveals his memories as part of a plan to seduce her. Meanwhile, the Council disbands Achaia’s group of protectors, sending them to Chile and France, making a concerted hunt for Achaia seemingly impossible. Ange’s taut, well-paced sequel ratchets up the personal stakes for its main character but also pushes the planet toward annihilation; later, the United States and China begin waging what may be the war to end all wars. Early on, however, Achaia and Noland have adorably awkward moments together that will make readers invested in their potential future together. Ange effectively tilts the story toward darkness during the scene of Achaia’s savage abduction in her kitchen, with a fight that employs a frying pan and hot cooking oil as weapons. Vibrant new characters appear, such as Jude, Luc’s sympathetic son; and Veronica, a weapon-smith. Other characters perish, sharpening the novel’s grim spiritual message: “Achaia realized just how muddy grey could be, and that things were never really black and white.”

A spiritual YA adventure that emphasizes finding the light during dark times.

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