Support for the Support System: How to love hurting people.

It hurts to watch. When someone you love is in so much pain it’s visible in the dark circles under their bloodshot eyes, their tear stained shallow cheeks, and the way they now carry themselves, or worse, can’t.

The Road to Success: How to procrastinate your way to a self published novel.

We’ve all been there. You’re in the zone, writing away, annihilating your word count goals… then it hits. Writer’s block, brain freeze, the funk. There are hundreds of articles on how to try and fight your way out of this hell hole. The sad truth is, it’s different for everyone. You can try em all, and there’s a chance, a horrifying chance, none of them will work…

The Love Letter Project 💌

Don’t let your loved ones go another stressful day without knowing what you love, respect, and admire about them. Your encouragement could shift their whole perspective!