Purified: A Poem

I’ve been waiting

for you to part the waters,

to carry me over waves,

and save the end of days.

And I’ve been longing

for a comforting arm around me,

instead of harm abounding,

and for a God who saves.


But you,

you’re not what I asked for.

Instead of sea, it’s fire.

When you redirect my path,

instead of waves its flames.

You lead me over coals,

bathing me in ash,

filling me with light,

in pain I’m purified.


I was starving

for something to fill me.

Not necessarily the fulfilling,

of a promise that you made.

And it surprised me,

to hear your voice was calling

out to a sinner like me.

I was feasting on my shame

when I heard you call my name.


But I,

I’m not what you asked for,

when this world was first formed,

when you carved man out of dust,

and had a dream for us.

You had me dressed in white,

and standing by your side.

That’s why your son was crucified,

in His pain, I’m purified.


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