Demons: A Poem

I’ve heard people sing of angels,

of heroes, saints and men…

But what of all the demons

they battle deep within?


What of all the war cries

they shout within their depths?

And the secret urge to love

those demons that they’ve kept?


What of the alliance

they’ve pledged deep down inside,

to the demons they’ve grown fond of,

to harbor and to hide…


Do the demons plot a mutiny?

Or long for warmer homes?

Do they seek to burrow deep,

and reside within our bones?


When I look into my demon’s eyes,

they’re as beautiful as his ken’s.

The same windows to the soul,

as heroes, saints and men.


Perhaps he is an angel

who knows too much desire,

and my demon is just an angel

who thrives within the fire.



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