Meet the Nephilim! Character Art Reveal!

I am so excited to finally be able to share some of the amazing artwork by my good friend Phil Thomas, the artist for the series! There’s more than one world full of characters, and I can’t wait for you to meet them all. But for now, we will start with an introduction to our core group of Nephilim. This post is spoiler free, and just an introduction to each character and a little back ground and some quotes, so you can get a feel for their personality. It may also serve as a good quick reference while you’re reading, if you forget who is who!

Achaia Connolly-Cohen

Achaia, is a strong willed 16 year old girl with a stubborn streak she gets from her father and red hair she gets from her mother. Spending most of her adolescent years moving from city to city, she is a professional outcast who has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Maybe she should have been able to tell she didn’t belong in the Mortal world, but when she finds out she is half-angel, she’s not really sure how or if she fits into the Spiritual world either…

Mortal Origin: American (Scotch-Irish/Jewish)

Spiritual Origin: Human/Nephilim

Spiritual Gift: You’ll have to wait and read 😉

“WINGS? We have WINGS? And you didn’t tell me?” – Achaia 

“I think she’s fierce. That’s why God painted her hair red. That’s a warning. This one isn’t to be tampered with. Just you watch.” -Yellaina  (about Achaia)

Noland Amsel

Noland, is the eldest Nephilim of his generation, and is thus, its leader and representative in the council of elders. He takes his responsibility seriously, and is often taken even more seriously by those who follow him, loyally. He values the law, but he values those he loves, and his own since of morality even more highly. Having a unique perspective on the mortality of humans, that most Nephilim don’t have, he has learned that the Nephilim don’t have everything right; and that sometimes, you just have to decide for yourself.

Mortal Origin: German

Spiritual Origin: Nephilim

Spiritual Gift: Strength & Fire

“The tongues of men could never accurately describe the gratitude I feel, that I am not yourson‘.” – Noland

“Noland thinks that if he is strong enough, calculated enough, he can save everyone.” – Emile

Emile Alain DuBois

Emile, is the oldest of three with an only-slightly-younger twin-sister, Amelia, and a little brother Olivier. As Noland’s best friend, he is a supportive counselor, a compassionate listener, and a trustworthy companion. Emile understands, more than anyone, Noland’s urge to protect those in his charge, since Emile moved to America with his siblings to study when they were young.

Mortal Origin: French

Spiritual Origin: Nephilim

Spiritual Gift: Emotional Empathy

“Technically… I guess if we trace it back far enough its Lucifer’s fault. If it weren’t for him we wouldn’t be here, demons wouldn’t be here… Everything would be honky dory.” – Emile

“He shouldn’t have done that.” – Yellaina (about Emile)

Amelia DuBois

Amelia, doesn’t have her twin brother’s gentleness or compassion. As hard as she is to get to know, she is even harder to persuade. Amelia is her own force of nature. But she’s only dangerous if she lets you close enough to touch her to begin with.

Mortal Origin: French

Spiritual Origin: Nephilim

Spiritual Gift: Somatic Empathy

“Your human is showing.” – Amelia

“I thought she hated me– Does she hate me?” – Achaia (about Amelia)

Olivier DuBois

Olivier, is Emile and Amelia’s younger brother. He is the lighthearted one, who would rather live in the comic book world, than in the Mortal or Spiritual worlds. As Achaia’s first real friend, he opens a whole new world (literally) to her, that she has never known before.

Mortal Origin: French

Spiritual Origin: Nephilim

Spiritual Gift: Speed

“Yeah, I guess I can just relate to mutants, you know, with the spiritual gifts and all. Some of us pretty much are mutants.” – Olivier

“You’re such a nerd. I’m glad we’re friends.” – Achaia (to Olivier)

Yellaina Minunette Rozanov

Yellaina, is a great angel, just maybe not the best Nephilim. She fits into the Mortal world better than anyone with her love of shopping, talking, and pink. You might forget that she is a Nephilim at all, since she is more interested in talking about boys, than she is learning how to train to decapitate a demon.

Mortal Origin: Russian

Spiritual Origin: Nephilim/Cherubim

Spiritual Gift: Polyglot

“I could smack Elder Joash. Of course I’d be locked up for about a hundred or so years for that, but it would be worth it!” – Yellaina

“I hope you don’t wake up that way every morning.” – Olivier (to Yellaina)

Stay tuned for more fun updates, and news as we approach the release of the book. If you loved the art, and can’t wait to read the book, please share with your friends! Books are always more fun to read when you can talk about it with others!

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