Transgression gets its own Frostbeard Candle!!!!!!

“Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday.” Check out this true love union!

What goes together better than books an coffee? Only books and candles!

The order is in! Frostbeard Studios is working on the Transgression book candle! 😍

I know what you’re thinking!


But it’s true!

With The scent of an Aspen Winter, and some crackling Firewood with a hint of Roasted Coffee, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped between the pages right into the Kingdom Come Series!

These 2oz soy candles are a hot commodity and only a limited number of them are being produced! The candles come in a small tin with a lid, perfect to pack with you on your summer vacation or camping trip with your new copy of Transgressoon, which I hope will be your favorite summer read!

How would you feel if you missed these little tins of bliss?

giphy (1).gif

These candles were featured in some of the pre-order packages, and will be available in person at book signings! However if you live afar, and are dying for one of these portals to heaven, go to the contact page and send me a message.

giphy (1)

The 2oz candles are $5 plus a small shipping fee, if you’re not buying in person (all depending on where you live).

If you are planing on coming to a singing or the book launch party, then there will be the even more elusive 8oz (full size) candles which are in very short supply! So short, one may even question….

giphy (1)

If you manage to catch one of the few of these (and I mean few!) in your grasp, they will be $20.

So come summer, you can grab yourself an iced coffee, light up your candle, and dive into Transgression  feeling closer to the story than ever!



Stay tuned for more exciting announcements.

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