A Shadowhunters Update on Transgression: September

Ready for the inside scoop on what is going on with Transgression? 

Hey guys!

Welcome to your September update!

As you know we are out of the writing and editing stages and going through the publishing process!

Shadowhunters 4

Yeah. Definitely not to be confused with a cakewalk. But still very exciting! Nothing gets your adrenaline going like a death-defying test of perseverance, right?

Shadowhunters 6

No. No, I don’t… But it hasn’t killed me yet, so I signed all the contracts the people sent me… after reading them thoroughly of course! 

This is actually the part I was the most nervous about because from here on out it is all a learning experience for me!

Shadowhunters 5

Really. Would I lie to you?

So here recently:

I have gone through the copyrighting process and am awaiting my beautiful certificate!

Like a birth certificate for my baby book.

Shadowhunters 7

Because this process has resembled labor pains…

I have also purchased a crap ton of ISBN numbers, so I am pretty much set for the rest of my writing career on that front. If you don’t know what an ISBN is… you’re not alone. Basically, it is my baby book’s social security number!

And let’s get real, guys. I am SOOOOOOO glad the formatting is over! (That was the Labor part right there, and no one even brought me ice chips! Why didn’t anyone bring me ice chips?! What do the ice chips even do? I don’t know because no one brought me any!)

There have been many days of staring at a formatting screen and me just thinking:

Shadowhunters 1

Thank God that’s over!

But much like labor, when I look at the finished product, I’m like “Awe! Okay, it was worth it!”

So whats next?

Finishing up the design and all the things that make it pretty… which the printer is working on even as I type this.

Then the actual printing of all the books! So you can all get your copies!

Shadowhunters 2

I know! I am hoping to find out this week how long it will take and get you guys a release date!

I’m sorry again for the delays.

I don’t want to make excuses, but I will make you all aware that my health has been getting progressively worse. Partnered with the stress that has been learning new software and trying (not) to be a perfectionist with the formatting and last minute edits… there have been some rough days. I’ll probably do another blog post to talk more about my health struggles, but I started treatment again last Friday, and if you are a praying person, I’d appreciate all I can get.

There have been days I thought the stress of so much happening all at once was going to kill me.

Shadowhunters 8

Thanks, Magnus.

I know it won’t… but I am definitely going to have to pay a little more attention to self-care for a little while. I’m terrible at resting…

So, to sum up. We have all of the finalized files of the book off to print , and since all the legal stuff has been taken care of, we will be shipping them out ASAP. Thank you guys so much for hanging in there with me! It has been a thrilling journey so far, and I appreciate the company!

I’ll be in touch soon, hopefully with an official release date!

Ta ta for now!

Shadowhunters 3



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