A Campaign Completed

The preorder campaign is officially over. Preorders are still up for sale though, if you haven’t claimed your copy yet. Deep breath. Now, it is time for the next phase of the publishing process!

Sneak peek at the fonts and format!

I am writing to you all from Phil’s couch. I am here in Raleigh for the weekend, finalizing the formatting and artwork. We picked out some cool fonts, and are getting the interior of the book up to snuff.

A rare side of Achaia.

Then, we will finish up the character sketches, which you all will hopefully get to see next week!!! Those will be used for the character bookmark series.

I am still talking to a few different publishers, and trying to determine what the best partnership will be for the future of the series. I will announce the decision once it is made, and let you guys know! Shortly after that I should know a timeline as far as the release date. That all just depends on who does the actual printing…

I am brainstorming marketing ideas as well, like giveaways!!!! So stay tuned!!!! Until next time…

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