Exciting News! My biggest goal for 2018.

I have a pretty big career goal for 2018, and I can’t wait to get started!

Well, technically, I’ve already started. Last year I published the first book in my Kingdom Come Series. It was such a fun project, and I really learned a lot about self-publishing. Basically anything and everything I thought I could do on my own, rather than paying someone else to do it for me, I learned to do it and did.

I enjoyed the process so much I have decided to start my own Publishing company! I loved publishing my book(s) and want to help other writers experience the thrill of seeing their work in print.

My plan is to start small, I will offer coaching for self-publishing authors, helping them to pave a clear path and create a concise “to-do” list that will make the process less daunting, and will help them reach their deadlines efficiently. I will also offer services to help authors with the aspects they can’t do alone, like line editing, content editing/feedback (crucial!), beautiful and market-standard interior files that are print-ready, graphic design for book covers, and even help them establish a marketing plan!

I will offer consultation calls to help them determine who their target audience is and brainstorm the best ways to reach them. I will also offer marketing consultations where we can talk about how to word your ads, clarify your message, and increase your book sales!

I am a businesswoman. I know business. Self-publishing is a business! The more authors understand that, and the more they treat their book publishing as its own business, the better they will do. So if you are an author looking to publish a book this year, but are stressed out and confused about where to start, I can help you! You can do great things, you just need to formulate a simple plan of action, that is where I come in. Why fumble through this process, and waste a lot of time and money, when you can learn from the mistakes other’s have already made!

The company will be called Marturia Publications. I will have a website up soon, but if you would like to talk now, feel free to contact me today to get started!

4 thoughts on “Exciting News! My biggest goal for 2018.”

    1. I would be more than happy to help in any way I can! Feel free to shoot me a message through the contact page, I would love to hear more about the project you’re working on!


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