The Kingdom Come Series Welcomes 2018!

What is in store for The Kingdom Come Series this year? Oh just wait until you hear!

There are so many exciting things for you to look forward to this year! So for the curious minds out there, who have been asking “When does the next book come out? Does anyone know?” Here is a list of exciting announcements!

For starters, we will be launching the:

Pre-order campaign for Penance!

That’s right, soon and very soon (probably the beginning of Feb) you will be able to pre-order book two!

Just like with Transgression, this is also an awesome opportunity for you to stock up on super awesome book merch, as well as some other amazing opportunities… because guess what! The CAMEO PACKAGE is coming back! So if you want your chance to be written into the book series, start saving those dollars! This isn’t a raffle people, it is a 100% guaranteed chance for you to be a character in the books, all you have to do is buy the package!

Speaking of raffles though….

Penance Launch Raffle!

As you know I have a Go Fund Me, that raised a little money for Transgression, but it has pretty much plateaued. So, I have been brain storming ways to raise money for the second book that is a little more fun for you guys! Solution: A raffle!

That’s right, super easy, seeing as how you don’t have to break the bank to support the book! Raffle tickets are only going to be $5. I don’t want to spoil the surprise on what all will be in the prize package (it’s going to be flipping amazing!), but it will of course include a copy of Penance!!! Stay tuned to find out when raffle tickets go on sale, and where you need to go to get them. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this! So save up that raffle money, because you can enter as many times as you want!

Penance Character Bookmarks!

Also, for those of you collecting the character bookmarks like they are Pokemon cards, I have exciting news for you as well! The second book will also have a whole new set of character bookmarks! That means more character sketches by Phil Thomas!!!!! And some of the bookmarks may actually be…. NEW CHARACTERS!

Which means….

More Character introductions!

You’ll be able to meet some of the new characters of the series before the book comes out!

But when does Penance come out???

Penance Release!

Though there is no official release date yet… (it is honestly far too early to tell) I can tell you that we are shooting for November 2018!

But what do we do while we wait??? 😦

I’ll tell you!

First buy and read Transgression.

Second, get your friends to buy and read Transgression.

So you can talk about Transgression.

Pre-order your copy of Penance.

Enter the raffle for a chance to win a buttload of awesome!

And if that isn’t enough….

The Kingdom Come Series Podcast!

Season One: Transgression

We are actually working on a book club style podcast that will air this summer!

Each episode of the podcast will discuss one chapter of the book. So if you want to know what I was thinking when I was writing, who is my favorite character, what exactly are the underlying themes… and a whole world of other questions, then tune in as me and Mollee Holloman unpack it all!

You can also go to the contact page and shoot me a message with any questions you want me to answer about any chapters, scenes, or characters and I will work it into the podcast. We will start recording soon, so don’t wait to shoot me a line about anything you’d like us to discuss!

As always, thank you all so much for your support! This is going to be a great year! I just feel it!


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