Book Loaning: 3 Reasons Self-Published Authors Shouldn’t Fret Over People Borrowing Their Book Instead of Buying it.

As a self-published author, you’ve put a lot of money into your book and getting it “out there”. It will be a while before you break even, let alone start turning a profit. So when you see people talking about lending out your book, or people borrowing it from a friend, should it stress you out?


That is great!

It’s a compliment

See the thing is, I only talk up and loan out books that I loved. Books aren’t like smells. You know, when people are like, “Man that reeks! Smell it!” I only suggest books when I loved them. And I loan my books out when I am desperate to have someone to talk about them with!

It’s free marketing

In other words, if someone is loaning out your book, that is a huge compliment. If someone is borrowing it, they have been talking to someone else about it. Your book being talked about, and read because of a conversation, is not only a good thing, that is free, effective marketing!

It’s probably a future sale

Most books I have borrowed and liked, I have gone back and bought so that I could re-read them whenever I want, and loan them out to other friends. Also if your book is a part of a series, if they liked the book they borrowed, they will probably invest in the rest of your books as well.


It isn’t such a bad thing to have people wanting to borrow and read your book for free. As long as you have a good book, you shouldn’t be worried at all. 🙂

Have a good week, friends!



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