What is Rapha House and why is The Kingdom Come Series getting Involved

Everyone has that thing that keeps them up at night if they think about it too much. For me, it is human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children. 

What Disturbs Me?

Ever since college, I have had a churning in my stomach when I think about sex trafficking. It is the fastest growing industry in our world today. People usually think of it as a problem that is somewhere else. Something that happens in poor countries… They don’t realize how close to home it is. Maybe because they don’t want to, or maybe because it’s too scary to think about it.

The thing is, it isn’t that far removed, it isn’t just “their problem”. When I moved home after college I found that the sex trafficking industry had moved into my own backyard, and had become a problem on the barrier island that I lived on. Yes, here in the US, right here in North Carolina.

What am I Doing?

That’s why I am using the publication of my book, Transgression, to raise money for Rapha House.

Rapha House is an organization that helps to rehabilitate victims rescued from the sex trafficking industry. They help them to heal, and they keep them safe. They also work to prevent at-risk children from being abducted, to begin with. I am sure I wouldn’t do them justice, so if you want to know more check out their website and go like their facebook page here.

I wish I could do more, but at this point in my life, I am going to do what I can by partnering The Kingdom Come Series, with Rapha House. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will go toward sponsoring their safe houses for the victims who have been rescued out of the industry. It will go toward their healing, and training, and the making of a new life for these children. By purchasing a book, you will be helping to save a life!

The Kingdom Come Series is about taking a stand against the evil that is moving to consume our world. Make that real, take a stand with me. Even if you don’t want to buy a book or read the series. I encourage you to check out Rapha House, sponsor a safe house on your own, or check out their shop of handmade crafts the women and girls make, they are gorgeous! I have several bags from them and they have all held up remarkably!

In The Kingdom Come Series, Achaia has her eyes opened to the world, she begins to really look at what is going on around her. Will you take a closer look? Will you act? Buy a book, save a life. Or sponsor on your own. Whatever you do, make an impact!

Thank you for reading.


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