A Comic Update on Transgression: July

Hey guys! I’m here to update you all on where we stand with Transgression!

giphy (9)

Are you ready!? We are in the final sprint to the finish line!

giphy (14)

I am writing this post a little early because I am going to be volunteering at a summer camp next week and wont be able to post. As of right now, I have less than 15% of the book left to edit, and then it will be done! Hopefully, (since I’m writing this early) I’m already done by the time you’re reading this!

giphy (11)

I apologize for all the delays. This has been quite an undertaking on top of working two jobs, volunteering, and picking up side gigs to try to make extra money to go toward publishing cost. But if you want to help with those, I am still taking donations on the Go Fund Me page!

giphy (13)

I thank you guys again for your patience in the wait. I am trying my best to learn this industry and have to make sure I keep the furture of the whole series in mind as I make decisions while publishing this first book.

giphy (18)

So if you see me and ask me how the book is going, please, don’t be alarmed by my response…

giphy (16)

Those kinds of questions scare me.

In other news!!!!

Jo and I visited the venue for the BOOK LAUNCH PARTY!!!! We have been busy party planning, and coming up with all kinds of fun ideas! Like book readings, and GIVEAWAYS!

giphy (17)

So stay tuned for a nailed down party date. I’m a sweet dancer, but I hope ya’ll don’t leave me hang’n to party alone… because I totally will…

giphy (15)

For now, it’s back to work!

giphy (19)

I’ll talk to you guys again soon!

giphy (10)

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