Brandy Ange is an author from the east coast of North Carolina. She started writing with Frog and Toad fan fiction in second grade and never stopped.

Ange enjoys jazz music, swing dancing, traveling, coffee, and mentoring troubled youth. She currently lives in Kill Devil Hills, NC.

An expert mover, she has moved a total of 90 times. She spent five years in Knoxville, TN while she attended Johnson University, earning her BA in Bible, and a BS in Management of Non-Profit Organizations. In her travels, she has toured Europe with her jazz group (playing bari sax), volunteered with missionaries in Mexico, and gone to London “just ’cause”.

Her current projects include two separate YA fantasy series, a memoir, a compilation of adult short stories, and some poetry. Her debut book, Transgression, was released on 11.11.17 and is helping to raise support for human trafficking victims.